Collection of scientific papers "Transactions of UkrNDMI of the NAS of Ukraine"



     Collection of scientific papers Transactions of UkrNDMI of the NAS of Ukraine is scientific specialized periodical dedicated to the problems related to geomechanics, mining geophysics and ecology of industrial areas. The State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (VAK) of Ukraine has catalogued Transactions into the publications listing for release of the outcomes of research for Ph D. (Cand. Sci. ) and doctoral theses in the following branches of knowledge:
- Geological Sciences (VAK Presidium Order No. 1-05/3 dd. 08.09.2009)
- Engineering Sciences (useful mineral development) (VAK Presidium Order No. 1-05/1 dd. 10.02.2010)

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Dr. Andrey Feofanov,

Cand. Sci. (Engineering)


Phone: +38 (062) 348-16-74



Address of the Editorial Board: Room 301, 291 Chelyuskintsev Str., Donetsk 83004, Ukraine